September 27, 2023

Business Owned by Ronaldo – Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Business Owned by Ronaldo - Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Know about business owned by Ronaldo and what is Cristiano Ronaldo net worth. Being one of the richest athletes in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo owns a number of businesses. Estimated at a net worth of $450 million, Ronaldo earned $109 million in 2019.

According to Forbes, this year, Ronaldo has already grossed $108 million, as of June 5. Out of which $61 million came from his football club and $47 million in endorsements.

Business Owned by Ronaldo – Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

In 2013, Ronaldo started his own clothing line brand ‘CR7’ and expanded to ‘CR7 Footware’ from 2015. During the fall of 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo launched his first fragnance named ‘Legacy’.

As we all know that Ronaldo is a fitness freak, in 2016 along with American health club, Crunch, he started CR7 gym. He is planning on opening branches for the gym all over the world.

In his own country, Cristiano Ronaldo has started luxurious hotel chain through Pestano Lifestyle Hotels. Ronaldo invested around $60 million euros for this business. Soon, Paris and Brazil will have a branch of Ronaldo’s luxurious hotel.

Besides the hotels, he has a museum in his name in Portugal named, Museu CR7.

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Leaving no business aside, Ronaldo also entered into the tech industry. In 2017, Ronaldo started a tech company named 7egend which focuses on digital solution.

He has two smartphone apps named: Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run and CR7Selfie.

Besides his earning from these business, Ronaldo has 235 millions followers in Instagram which is a staggering number. For posting a single post on Instagram, Ronaldo charges $1 million. Yearly earnings from just Instagram alone is around $47.8 millions.

Cristiano Ronaldo advertises various brands such as Herbalife Nutrition, Clear, KFC, American Tourister, Tag Heuer, Panzer glasses, Altice, Dazn, Insparya, Emperio Armani, Sportlobster and Emirates Airlines. For these brands, he charges around Rs 8 – 10 crores, to shoot for a day.

Ronaldo currently plays for Juventus and he receives $60 million annually from the club.

Cristiano has also signed a lifetime contract with Nike for a wooping sum of $1 billion. Besides Ronaldo, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the only other athletes with similar deals.

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