September 25, 2023

Brain eating Amoeba Spreading in US


We all were thinking that what could be worst than corona virus. We thought nothing new can frighten or surprise us anymore, but we all were wrong.

Is corona virus wasn’t enough to make our life miserable? Now a new brain eating amoeba strain is causing major worry over the US and other nations.

A deadly brain eating amoeba which is known as Naegleria fowler is gradually moving out of its normal range in the South towards the north due to change in the climates. Naegleria fowler which is mostly found in fresh water like ponds, rivers, streams, lakes, etc creates an infection called Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM), which is extremely rare but can be very fatal. It is most found on humid states.

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Brain eating Amoeba Spreading in US

Brain eating Amoeba Spreading in US

The amoeba enters the body through nose and gets into the brain. Once it gets into the brain, the amoeba destroys the brain tissues and causes swelling and inflammation.

The worst part is, there is no test machine designed as of now to detect the presence of amoeba in one’s body. Therefore, it takes a long time for the patient to see the symptoms, which may turn out to be dangerous.

They are afraid, if the amoeba continues to spread to North into more bodies of water, then it could gradually lead to more new cases.

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