Boy kidnapped 14 years old girl, married her and converted her religion forcefully

A boy kidnapped  a 14 years old girl who was living in his neighbourhood. The girl was from a Hindu family. He forcefully married her and gave her the nikahnma(marriage certificate) and her left near her house. He threatened by saying that he’ll kill her if she says anything to her family.
The complain was register by her mother in Shahpur police station area of Gorkhpur. Tabarak Khan, the culprit was arrested and was charged under the anti-conversion law and on charges of kidnapping.

Boy kidnapped 14 years old girl, married her and converted her religion forcefully

Boy kidnapped 14 years old girl, married and converted her religion forcefully


The mother of that girl also told the police , Tabarak Khan had been harassing and stalking her daughter who studies in Class VI.
On Sunday,  mother found a document  written in Urdu language from her daughter’s bag. When she asked the daughter about the document she revealed that Tabarak Khan has kidnapped her on March 1 and married her. The document was a “nikahnama” ( Certificate of marriage).
The woman complained about the nikhanama to the police.
Police file a complaint and lodged an FIR under sections of kidnapping and UP Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020 on Sunday. They are waiting for the medical report of the girl. After the statements of the girl will recorded in the court, other sections would be added.
SK Singh said that the ame of the girl was changed in the nikahnama.
The girl is from a very poor family. Her parents does a labour work.

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