September 27, 2023

“BJP Killed Democracy” Mamata Banerjee on Suspension of 8 Rajya Sabha MPs


“BJP Killed Democracy” Mamata Banerjee on Suspension of 8 Rajya Sabha MPs

After the suspension of eight Rajya Sabha MPs, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called the action reflective of the “autocratic mindset” of the government.

Accusing the BJP of killing democracy, the Trinamool Congress chief declared she will fight the “fascist” government in Parliament and on streets.

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“BJP Killed Democracy” Mamata Banerjee on Suspension of 8 Rajya Sabha MPs

“Suspension of the 8 MPs who fought to protect farmers interests is unfortunate & reflective of this autocratic Govts mindset that doesn’t respect democratic norms and principles. We won’t bow down and we’ll fight this fascist Govt in Parliament and on the streets. #BJPKilledDemocracy,” she tweeted.

The party termed the decision to suspend the MPs, including the TMC leader in Rajya Sabha Derek O’Brien, as “undemocratic” and said, “Parliament cannot be allowed to turn into a lawless jungle” by the ruling BJP.

Rajya Sabha Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said in a statement, “Without considering this illegality committed yesterday giving birth to strong protests from the opposition, their voices have further been throttled when some of them have been suspended today for the remaining period of the current session,”.

He said if constitutional authorities violate rules, then it would be detrimental for Indian democracy.

“If constitutional authorities, in this case, the Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament, act as per their whims and fancies in blatant violation of rules and detriment to the laid down procedures of the parliamentary democratic system, the country is destined to fall prey to majoritarianism, if not fascism,” he said.

Senior TMC leaders and Lok Sabha MPs Mahua Moitra and Saugata Roy too condemned the suspension and said the decision was “undemocratic and in violation of laid down procedures”.

“Farm Bills bulldozed in RS via voice vote with no respect for parliamentary rules and procedures. BJP did NOT have the numbers – why was opposition denied a division? Indians need to wake up to this – Parliament cannot become a lawless jungle!” Ms Moitra tweeted.

“After suspending democracy and the rule of law, BJP is suspending opposition from parliament!” she added.

On Sunday, Two key farm bills were passed by Rajya Sabha by a voice vote.

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