Anna Hazare hunger strike – Fast till death for Lok Pal Bill


Anna Hazare hunger strike – Fast till death for Lok Pal Bill. On January 30th Social activist Anna Hazare is going to start a fast until death against the central government.

Since 2018, he has been urging or requesting the central government to accomplish the recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission. Anna Hazare says that the government never gave any attention or priority to these demands. Thus, he is compelled to take a fast till death against central government which is going to start from 30th January.


Anna Hazare hunger strike – Fast till death for Lok Pal Bill

Anna Hazare is going to do the fasting in the Yadav Baba temple of Ralegan Siddhi. Meanwhile, the government is trying to find out the way to stop and convince them.

He along with most the Indian’s are demanding for Lok Pal Bill. On Monday in New Delhi, during a press conference he said that he was sad to see that Prime Minister along with civil society members and senior ministers rejected to pass the demand of Jan Lok Pal Bill.

People from every part of the country are supporting Anna Hazare for Lok Pal Bill. Retired IPS Officer Kiran Bedi and Social Reformist Swami Agnivesh are also supporting Hazare.

Swami Agnivesh said that a ‘ Jan Lok Pal’ should be set up at the centre and a ‘Jan Lokayukta’ has to be appointed in every states to handle the corruption cases and solve them.

Now even house wives have started fasting in support of Anna Hazare for Lok Pal Bill.

Kapil Dev said that he had written a letter to Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh to support their demand of 1983. The activists handed over a copy of the letter written to the Prime Minister by Kapil Dev on March 30. In the letter he has written that he was hurt emotionally to see how the scam or corruption was going one after another during the Common Wealth Games (CWG). But no concrete action has been taken so far.

In support of Anna Hazare for Jan Lok Pal Bill, Kapil Dev wrote to the Prime Minister that our nation should have an independent Lok Pal to look over these scams. He consider Prime Minster as the finest politician in the recent history and he urge Prime Minister for Jan Lok Pal Bill.

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