1 month after man’s death Covid 19 sample tested negative


1 month after man’s death Covid 19 sample tested negative. After one month of Saleem Khan’s death of corona virus at Ambala hospital, his wife Sonia, receives a text message on his phone from “myGOV”. The message said that Rapid Antigen sample has collected for Saleem Khan on December 2, 2020 at 10:14 am. He was told to remain isolated until they get the sample tested and make the report available.

Testing was done at a Patiala laboratory as per a PDF file accompanying the message.

Right after 6 hours, Sonia receives another text message in his phone which was from ‘PBGOVT’, which stated that Rapid Antigen sample taken for Saleem Khan was negative.

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1 month after man’s death Covid 19 sample tested negative

1 month after man's death Covid 19 Sample tested negative

Sonia couldn’t believe to see those messages as her husband had already died on October 31. She thought that it wasn’t possible to take a sample of a dead person for Covid-19 on December 2 as he had already died on October 31. All these things made her so confused and she didn’t know what was going on.

According to Sonia, her husband used to work in a private factory. He had some symptoms because of which he got tested for Covid-19. After that sample was taken for RT- PCR test on October 14, where he tested positive. He immediately went under treatment at Rajpura Government Hospital, and later on he was shifted to Mission Hospital at Ambala. There he died of Corona virus and was declared dead by the hospital. Even death certificate was handed over to Sonia (Saleem Khan’s wife), from Grama Panchayat, Ambala.

It’s strange to know that a person who died due to Covid-19, tested negative after one month of his death. No one knows what exactly happened with him inside that hospital.

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