12-year-old son pleaded the President to forgive the sentence of his mother


For the first time in Indian history since India got its independence, a woman criminal is going to be hanged in Mathura Jail, a female hanging house which was built 150 years ago. But since independence till now no woman has been sentenced to death.

Shabnam of Amroha is the first woman criminal to be hanged after independence. She is to be hanged in the only female hanging house located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. In April 2008, Shabnam and her lover Salim brutally murdered seven of her family members with an axe including her parents and a 10-month-old innocent nephew.

12-year-old son pleaded the President to forgive the sentence of his mother

Shabnam’s family members includes her father Shaukat Ali, mother Hashmi, brother Anees and Rashid, sister-in-law Anjum and ten-month-old nephew Arsh. Shabnam had a love affair with the eight pass of the village the young man Salim. Both of them were ready to get married but Shabnam’s family refused their marriage proposal as Shabnam was from Saifi and Salim from Pathan fraternity.

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After family rejected their marriage proposal both of them took a shocking decision to kill all the family members. On the night of April 14, 2008, Shabnam called her lover Salim in her home and put the family into sleep by giving them sleeping pills. Shabnam and Salim together put the family to death in their sleep.

Meanwhile, her son Taj has requested the President to commute her death sentence. “I love my mother. I am making an appeal to the President that her death sentence to be commuted”. Taj told this to reporters.

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