September 26, 2023

10 couples found wrapped in Hotel Room on Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day 10 couples found wrapped in hotel room. Lover who went to a hotel to have a good time together on Valentines Day on 14th Feb got the worst surprise. The hotel in which they had booked rooms was raided by police.

10 couples found wrapped in Hotel Room on Valentine’s Day

10 couples found wrapped in Hotel Room on Valentine's Day

The police too were in for a shock when they reached the station road. When they reach Station Road and started raiding the hotels, the police found 10 lovers were found wrapped in closed rooms.

With crimes increasing day by day, police are doing their best to control the crimes that are taking place. Police have been able to crack down various criminals by carrying out raids.

But this time it was different, when they found around a dozen couples behind closed rooms. All the lovers were taken into custody.

Under the leadership of Sadar SDPO Raghav Dayal, a raid campaign was conducted for almost 3 hours and Sadar SDPO Raghav Dayal said that ‘Raid operations have been conducted in hotels in view of crime’.

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The hotel, Hotel Kobaris, in which the raid took place, many irregularities were found and is now being investigated. If the hotel is found guilty then strict action will be taken against it.

Sadly, for the 10 lovers who were in the room to celebrate valentines day had their plans flopped by the police.

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